Sports Clubs

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In order to fulfill the aforementioned commitment, FEBA Sports Department has established the concept of’ FEBA Sports Clubs’. The idea behind the FEBA Sports Clubs is to provide Balkan American communities safe environments for their kids.Thus, the FEBA Sports Clubs will build up a platform for many other opportunities that are granted by sports. Primarily focusing on two sports disciplines, soccer and basketball, FEBA Sports Clubs will organize several other sports activities, including the other sports disciplines as well. Currently, the weekly soccer and basketball sessions provided by FEBA Sports Clubs help out the kids to develop many skills that can be learned only with the active engagement in sports. Skills and experiences that young Balkan Americans learn when participating in FEBA Sports Clubs activities are: participation, teamwork, positive outlet, forum for expression, awareness and respect for body, resilience, communication, social interaction, interpersonal skills, and tolerance and conflict resolution skills.