Sports Camps

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21-300x200The Federation of Balkan American Associations (FEBA) understands the importance of investing time and resources in bringing up and tuning the future leaders according to the challenges in the 21st century. FEBA has developed a new approach in dealing with the challenges that youth are facing in 21st century. The unique approach consists of embracement of all issues that youth might experience in the U.S. Further, these challenges can be categorized according to the different life areas youth are exposed to. Therefore FEBA invests enormous effort on business, media, cultural, sports and educational life of the youth. With this unique approach, FEBA not only pursues to produce future leaders that will fulfill important role in their communities, but also FEBA doesn’t provide a space to the possible risk that might endanger the present and the future of the prospective leaders. We don’t let a chance for a failure of these young leaders.

One of the greatest challenges for the youth is the way they are spending their leisure time on. If not provided a healthy alternative, youth might engage in risky experiences. Therefore, FEBA in this context understands the importance of the sports in the life of the future leaders; FEBA has dedicated the FEBA Sports Department in order to produce future leaders in sports that will provide sports and healthy life of the youth within Balkan-American communities.

In order to future leaders in sports, FEBA Sports Department has developed a project of bringing up future sports managers. In order to facilitate required sports education for future sports managers, for the first time FEBA has organized a FEBA SPORTS CAMP in Istanbul, Turkey, 2011. With the extensive sports education, and sports related contests, FEBA aims to achieve excellence in providing a sports related education to the young sports leaders.

The purpose of the sports camp was not only to develop the future sports managers and sports related leaders, but also by organizing trips to historical and cultural site in Turkey in order to introduce the Turkish culture as well as to revive the historical ties that lies that is embedded deep into the Balkan- American youth.
The Sports Camp in Turkey, 2011 is being hosted by the FEBA’s affiliate BALKANSIAD association, that has provided required accommodations, trainers, organized trips and visits both in Istanbul, and in other parts of the Turkey. In addition, by organizing trips and dinners with local Turkic-Balkan communities and FEBA Sports Camp participants it helped in building up the bridge between the young Balkan-Americans and local Turkic-Balkan communities in Turkey. Once again the very rich Ottoman heritage left to both Balkan-American participants, and for the Balkan-Turkic hosts provided a founding stones for everlasting friendships.

The sports camp participants had a chance to have a dinner with the NBA star Hedo Turkoglu, where they had a chance to ask Hedo questions about his career, how to become a successful sportsman, and also some questions that can take the front page of the tabloids. It was surprise for the participants that Hedo could still speak fluently Bosnian Language, and that much of his Balkan heritage was still preserved. Hedo provided both the motivation, and the path in how to become successful, not only successful in sports, but also successful in life.

The camp was located in one of the most beautiful parts of Istanbul, the Sariyer. The Sariyer, municipality is placed next to the straits of Bosphorus, adjacent to the Black Sea. It’s one of the most preserved natural and ecological sites, with the 10 acres of forest around. This, natural site provides a unique opportunities to the sportsmen to have training both in very natural resort; also it provides close proximity to the Istanbul metropolis.

Despite the fact that this was first time for FEBA to organize sports camp, there were 19 participants that attended the camp. The participants came from different cities across the U.S., and from different communities. Therefore, this camp provided the great diversity of Balkan Americans that contributed to the development of new friendships. In addition the sports camp was a good chance for the participants to exchange their experiences in the U.S., and also to discuss challenges they face. It’s normal to expect certain difficulties to be experienced at the camp both for the participants and for the hosts, because this was the first sports camp organized by FEBA. FEBA representatives gave their best to resolve the issues participants has experienced, and tried to provide best possible service that would improve the quality of the program as well as to enhance the experience of the participants. The feedback we have collected from the sports camp participants, provides us a strong benchmark in increasing the quality of the program, maximizing the experience of the participants.

FEBA appreciates the real heroes of the sports camp, the sports camp participants in participating in this particular FEBA activity, and we encourage you to participate in other FEBA activities, and provide us support in our effort to help out the Balkan American communities to preserve their rich and unique cultural heritage, and the future of their youth.
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