Soccer & Basketball Leagues

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4-300x225The ultimate goal of the FEBA Sports Department is to establish FEBA Sports Club in every Balkan American community that is already established.The next stage will be to organize the regional Soccer and Basketball leagues. The FEBA Basketball and Soccer leagues will provide competition on a local level between FEBA sports clubs that are in a close proximity to each other. This will provide more excitement, competitiveness of FEBA sports clubs, as well it will bring the communities together that will facilitate the new friendships. The league matches will be played in regular fall/ spring seasons. Summer time will be dedicated to traveling and fun, or for international summer sports camps.

With the end of the league in the spring season, the regional tournaments will take the place. Regional tournament or playoff will host the best teams from the leagues, and provide competition between them. These events will carry tons of excitement, and will let regional teams to compete for the FEBA Trophy. It will be a two-day event that will be followed up with cultural activities such as: food festivals, traditional folk dance competition, music festival, and other cultural activities.

In addition, the FEBA sports clubs will compete in local tournaments, where other communities also organize basketball and soccer competitions. Participation in these events will provide a chance to Balkan Americans to engage in sports and cultural life with other communities.



Investing in young sportsmen and establishment of FEBA sports clubs will provide many opportunities. One of them is that there will be a large hub of super talents in soccer. This will enable FEBA to lay a foundation for the establishment of soccer team that will be tuned according to the highest standards the

professional play is demanding. Together with its sponsor FEBA Sports Department will seek to tune the team for the MLS. This will help the Balkan Communities to have a representative team that will not only represent the quality of soccer played within the communities, but the Balkan cultures as well.


This initiative will provide chance for the young talents to seek for their sports career in professional sports life. With its international sponsors, affiliates, and partners FEBA Sports Department will seek to introduce these young talents to the professional soccer and basketball clubs in Europe and in the U.S.

Our sponsors

FEBA Sports Department will use this chance to acknowledge for the marvelous help the FEBA sponsors provided and made the aforementioned event happen. Our platinum sponsor is Turkish Airlines that with its altruistic help made our FEBA International Summer Sports Camp happen. In addition we would like to thank Sariyer Spor Klubu for its support and efforts while providing us their sports facilities in Turkey.

Special Thanks to Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi (Istanbul Municipality) for hosting us, and providing us the chance to experience living in the city that lies on two continents, the city where you have a chance to live history.

Special thanks to NBA Star Hidayet Hedo Turkoglu for his valuable support, and for providing us the exclusive rights to use the facilities of Hedo Schools of Basketball in Istanbul.

We are looking forward the future cooperation with our sponsors, and their help in our current and future projects and activities.

FEBA Sports Department invites you to participate in our activities, and efforts to help the young Balkan Americans to prosper in their lives. We salute you while you continue a journey through the rest of FEBA’s realm.