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The FEBA Business Council held an art exhibit from June 7th till the 13th, sponsored by internationally known Balkan artists held at the Turkish Cultural Center of New York. Enriched with contemporary and classic masterpieces, FEBA expositions presented pictures, drawings, sound, performances, interactive art, crafts and many other collections. The work of five unique and distinguished Balkan artists, were presented. The opening introduction was followed with the formal reception and featured live instrumental performance by a Balkan-American musician. Guests were members of various world cultures who enjoyed the rich variety of Balkan art, music and food. The Distinguished artists included:

Nazmi Hoxha, Albanian painter

Adrian Grezda, Albanian / Kosovar graphic artists

Zinni Veshi, Albanian painter

Nexhat Imeraj, Albanian painter and sculptor

Bekir Salim, Turkish Mural Artist & Designer