Coolture Nights

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Our young leaders of the FEBA organization have come together to host a very special event this year during the holy month of Ramadan. Along with a lovely dinner, the organizers prepared many fun activities such as basketball, traditional music, dances and much more. The main purpose of the dinner was for our youth from a variety of cultures and backgrounds to meet, get to know one another and have a fun time in a safe, alcohol free environment. It also gave attendees the opportunity to better familiarize themselves with their own cultures and traditions.

After some time, people started to slowly break away from their comfort zones and introduced themselves to one another. They came from different cities to meet with their peers that shared the same values from different parts of the Balkans such as Bosnia, Turkey, Montenegro and Macedonia. Excitement and anticipation filled the hall as these future young representatives of our region bonded over delicious traditional specialties.

Finally, it was time for fun: the boys started shooting hoops while others prepared their karaoke songs. Attendees comically competed for the first, second and third place with some help from the wonderful judges, whom were the FEBA leaders who made this significant event possible. It was a tough decision but the best group, our girls from Hackettstown, indeed had shown themselves to be winners with the boys from South Jersey going in second place.

The event turned into a huge success. Guests went home satisfied with a great experience, new friends and a bit more knowledge about our culture. Most importantly, they left knowing that there are people who are dedicated to keeping our traditions alive here in the United States.