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AnnualReport-300x168The Albanian community in the Bronx gathered to celebrate Albanian Independence Day on the 29th of November, 2009 organized by the Albanian Community Center in the Bronx. The event took place at the Williams Bridge Public School. The event started with the American and Albanian national anthems. Short speeches were made on the importance of the day. The speakers focused mainly on the duty that youth has to revive and keep alive unique Albanian culture and traditions. Emphasis was placed especially on tolerance, generosity, hospitality, respect, and harmony.

AnnualReport2-300x257Occurring in the week of Thanksgiving and Eid (Bajram) all three of the events were celebrated on the same day. Among the distinguished guests was the famous Albanian singer Merita Halili with her husband and colleague Mr. Raif Hyseni from Kosovo. Their presence added color and joy to the event. The program concluded with a cocktail party, and, a desire and motivation to assemble in another festive event like this one in the future.