Business Council

The FEBA Business Council was founded by a group of business leaders and professionals with the aim of creating a positive business environment that fosters job development and promotes economic growth for the Balkan-American community. It also looks to facilitate commerce and investment between the US and Balkan countries. FEBA Business Council advocates positive business relations by working with reliable sponsors in order to provide educational seminars and networking events that market our member organizations and companies, as well as encourage global business.


In partnership with other organizations, FEBA Business Council has founded the North American Professionals and Entrepreneurs Council (NAPEC), to increase the networking and business potential of the Balkan-American community with other professional communities all over North America.


NAPEC is a network of professionals and entrepreneurs, providing opportunities to networking within the business community. We organize a variety of face-to-face events and offer customized online platforms to meet other accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs. FEBA Business Council has taken part in this establishment to fit the Balkan- American professional and business community into this global platform to facilitate professional development, leadership and networking. In this way, we believe we can help individuals to realize their professional potential.