Outreach & Professional Networking

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FEBA’s Outreach and Networking department is dedicated to create strong partnerships between the Balkan American communities, organizations, and encourage the future Balkan American leaders. FEBA recognizes the need to build bridges between America and the Balkan countries through active dialogue and so it consistently puts together events that serve this purpose. From annual summits to meet and greets, FEBA consistently works on bridging the gaps that have stalled growth within the Balkans by creating peaceful and productive environments bent on bridging the nations and their representatives together.

While reaching out the heads of state and Balkan leaders help ensure that dialogue exists between Balkan nations, FEBA also places significant focus on the Balkan families living in the United States. Providing family oriented gatherings and events that not only promote unity and family values, but inter-cultural dialogue is but one of the ways FEBA ensures that they are reaching out to the masses with their goal of helping the Balkans and its people, wherever they may be.
One of the main focus of he Outreach and Networking department is to bring the opportunities that the United States has to offer, to the Balkan American community, and uncover community and professional leaders with high potential to contribute to the United States, the Balkan countries, and address the global issues that we face today.
In doing this the Outreach and Networking department of FEBA works on mainly, but not limited to, these projects: