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College Application Checklist

Print and use this checklist to keep track of your college application requirements, tasks and deadlines.

Application Checklist


Get the application
Make a note of the regular application deadline
Make a note of the early application deadline
Request high school transcript sent
Request midyear grade report sent
Find out if an admission test is required
Take an admission test, if required
Take other required or recommended tests(e.g., SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams, IB exams)
Send admission-test scores
Send other test scores
Request recommendation letters
Send thank-you notes to recommendation writers
Draft initial essay
Proofread essay for spelling and grammar
Have two people read your essay
Revise your essay
Proofread your revision
Interview at college campus
Have an alumni interview
Send thank-you note to interviewer(s)
Complete college application
Make copies of all application materials
Pay application fee
Sign and send application
Confirm receipt of application materials
Send additional material, if needed
Tell school counselor that you applied
Make a note of the priority financial aid deadline
Make a note of the regular financial aid deadline
Submit FAFSA
Submit PROFILE, if needed
Submit college aid form, if needed
Submit state aid form, if needed
Receive letter from office of admission
Receive financial aid award letter
Meet deadline to accept admission and send deposit
Accept financial aid offer
Notify the colleges you will not attend